25 Jul 2014

Demoreel, July 2018

Here's an update of my demo in prevision of Siggraph. Enjoy

Demoreel 2018 from Francois-Maxence on Vimeo.

23 Jul 2014

26 Jan 2011

VFX work

Here is a commercial made by SupamonkS Studio and directed by Passion Pictures.
I created the visual effects (inc. snow trail + all particles) for all the shots.
The snow trail are generated and animated with a Maya Python scripted tool I created. It enables fxTDs to customize the shape/size/density and all other aspects of the trail and to refine it by hand afterwards. The particles are generated with Maya Particles.

12 Jul 2010

3D Stereoscopy

This video illustrates the use of 3DSR1, a plugin that I developped in SupamonkS Studio for Maya, based on stereograph Erwan Davigano's concept.
It creates a stereo camera rig easy to control that prevents divergence and inconsistencies that 3DS images can create.
Several pieces of animation from SupamonkS Studio were easily transferred to 3DS using this plugin, and were awarded in Paris Dimension 3 Festival as "best independent 3DS pieces of work".

26 May 2007


This is my final research project for my MSc. The video below demonstrates the potential of the Maya plugin I am developping. All the walk cycles result of scripts and expressions, nothing is keyframed by hand. The walk cycles can be applied to any human-like 3D model with any limb proportion.

Bon Appetit (****University work****)

Bon Appetit is short animated film made for the Univeristy of Bristol by a team of 4 students named Escargot Studio. It is the result of 2 months of team effort.

In addition to the common group work of creating the story, storyboarding and making the moodboards I personnally designed, modelled, textured and rigged the Bird. In addition I animated the first 40 seconds of the film and was entirely responsible of the camera shots and was head of lighting.

Animatic (****University work****)

Sammy the Chameleon is future project for which I insited on the preproduction process. Indeed I took advantage of the "Project Design and Storyboarding" course I took at the Drama Department of the University of Bristol.

In addition to make the character, set, colour and lighting moodboards, I designed Sammy, wrote and storyboarded the story, and finally edited the following animatic.